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Training Calendar 2022

January 4, 2022Domestic Violence and the Child Welfare System9am-11am CST
January 20, 2022Domestic Violence and the Child Welfare System6pm-8pm CST
February 1, 2022Aging out of Foster Care9am-11am CST
February 17, 2022Aging out of Foster Care6pm-8pm CST
March 1, 2022Behavior Management9am-11am CST
March 17, 2022Behavior Management6pm-8pm CST
April 5, 2022Policies 1019am-11am CST
April 21, 2022Policies 1016pm-8pm CST
May 3, 2022Trauma Informed Care9am-11am CST
May 19, 2022Trauma Informed Care6pm-8pm CST
June 7, 2022Child Abuse and Neglect9am-11am CST
June 23, 2022Child Abuse and Neglect6pm-8pm CST
July 5, 2022TBA
July 21, 2022TBA
August 2, 2022TBA
August 18, 2022TBA
September 6, 2022TBA
September 21, 2022TBA
October 4, 2022TBA
October 20, 2022TBA
November 1, 2022TBA
November 17, 2022TBA
December 6, 2022TBA
December 22, 2022TBA
***All training will be provided virtually. A training link will be provided by email/text to all Dockside foster
parents in all regions. Future training links in 2022 (TBA) will be posted on both our Dockside Website and on our Facebook page.


Ivory Elkins

  I have been a foster parent for over 20 years; most of these years have been with Dockside services, which I believe is a great agency. Over the years, I have met some of the best case managers, and therapist who loves working with the children as much as I do.  To hear a mom or dad say “thank you” for saving my family is one of the many rewards.